Poor Man’s CMS (Poormans) is a very basic CMS running as a swt application and generating static html pages. 

The word ’poor’ in Poor Man’s CMS stands for:

  • Be ’poor’ on functionality.
  • You don’t  need any dynamic webspace. Because you can use a cheap static webspace, it’s for a poor man. ;-)


Poormans is mainly an educational project for myself. I wanted to learn how to create a MVC servlet environment from scratch.
In the meantime Poormans has grown up to a smart SWT application based on the spring framework. It is a software, which can adapt to the special needs of a user who wants to manage its own website (=editor).

Besides Poormans has a special mode for admins to edit templates or other text resources.


Like other open source projects Poormans has a lack of documentation. I'm constantly trying to close that lack. Therefore Poormans has a documention wiki. A issue tracking system has been setup too.


Many thanks to my first contributor:

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